The Galvanic Tube Stereo Spring Reverb Unit

Built for Tim Gane

Yet another spring reverb unit, this one was built into an old DDR measuring device– we aren’t exactly sure of the application it served but the case is undeniably perfect for a spring reverb as it is wide enough to hold the longer sized springs!

Tim was looking for something that would be simple, easy to use and able to be directly interfaced with the mixing console.  That entailed a slight redesign from previous units:  there is no mixing of wet and dry signals here for instance.  Also, the equalization was changed a bit to allow for the high pass filter to be applied to the input signal while the LPF was applied to reverb return. 

Yet the biggest change involved the reverb return circuit itself.  Amplifying the small signals from a spring reverb can be very challenging with tubes.  The springs themselves are very prone to picking up spurious noises and interference, and the signal itself is very small:  similar to a dynamic microphone.  Therefore, we challenged ourselves to find an even quieter solution which would provide ample gain as well as low noise.  After studying some phono preamp designs, we hit on the perfect solution that is easy to install and sounds fantastic.