Country Gent

Built for Tim Gane

This is a special amp in that Tim wanted something very clean– clean enough to play bass through as well as guitar.  I had been listening to Chet Atkins’ “Relaxin’ with Chet” a lot so I took that sound as my starting point.  It helped that Tim just happened to have an original Chet Atkins Gretsch!
The amp comes in a dovetail-jointed pine cabinet and uses a fantastic JBL K120 speaker.  The output section uses two EL84 in fixed bias for around 15 watts; while the preamp borrows from Dynaco hi-fi amps of the 60’s with a direct coupled pentode/triode combo.  Also included is an EL84 tube-driven spring reverb and a vintage split coil output transformer rated for 40 watts.