The Mecopta Kino Kabinett

This Mecopta cabinet was one of a pair that I purchased many years ago from a nice fellow in Prague. They are extremely well built as well as stylish and I always thought they were perfect for a small combo amp. This one sports a neutral-sounding 10″ speaker with lots of space so it doesn’t get at all congested.

The amplifier section is a simple dual PCL86 push-pull circuit for a very nice 10 Watts and includes reverb and tremolo. Best of all, it has 12 Volt DC heaters so it is extra quiet. The amp case was an old English PA firm Trix Electronics (I think?)

The amp, of course, fits in the bottom of the cabinet and an external rear panel closes up everything for transport which is pretty nifty! I still have one of these beautiful cabinets in the shop if anyone is interested…