The Super Stereo DeMIDIfier

Built for Ben Lukas Boysen

The Super Stereo DeMIDIfier is the latest iteration of the deMIDIfier idea– a device that is meant to add some life to samples, soft synths and ROMplers as well as any other source that suits your fancy.  This unit is fully stereo meaning that the pots control both left and right inputs concurrently. 

Ben was looking for something that could add some character to his sounds without being a distortion device per se.  Too often, distortion pedals or effects remove a lot of bass for a sound that will stick out in a mix. The deMIDIfier allows the user to control the amount of bass and treble with the tilt tone control.  Then, the gain sets the amount of overdrive while character adjusts the types of harmonics generated.  

The latest twist to this circuit however is the use of a class A transformer coupled output stage.  This single ended amplifier drives a lot of current for a low impedance output impedance as well as offering the sound of an overdriven amp if desired.