The Slap Backer Tube Delay Amplifier

This lovely little amp comes from the defective chassis of the well-known Dynacord Eminent amplifiers of the early 1960`s.  Luckily, the excellent original transformers were still present and working.  They provide the base for the push pull EL34 cathode biased output circuit for around 30 Watts power.

The unused 5 Volt tap of the power transformer provided an opportunity to do something different with this amp.  I had always wanted to build a slapback delay into an amp, similar to the sound of Chet Atkins or Scotty Moore as a pedal just doesn’t sound the same.  Using the cheap and effective PT2399 delay chip was the perfect ticket as it stays clean enough for a perfect slap sound.  

Otherwise, the sound of the amp also harks back to the golden age with a big open tone that overdrives really well especially when the mids control is pushed.