The Tube Tilt Switched EQ

This little character is deceptively simple. Yes, another “tilt” equalizer and no, they aren’t the most flexible eqs around. Although many people shun them, they can be quite useful for subtle mix eq actually, especially as in this instance where the eq is stepped. This allows for very subtle coloration differences that can be just the thing that is needed on dull mixes.

Added to that, the input and output controls are also stepped so a slight saturation effect is achieved, or relieved, by simple adjustment. Everything is thereby instantly repeatable and stable. The two little knobs on the bottom left control the dry mix which really helps to avoid being too heavy-handed. The little lights at the top make up a cute little VU meter.

This unit has vintage iron on the input and output so is fully symmetrical– those jacks are actually balanced to simplify connection to the patchbay. Also included is an external power supply to keep noise to a minimum, with only clean DC voltages reaching the unit.