The Suprem Club Rehab Amplifier

Built for Jorge Gonzalez

This nice little amp was originally a Suprem Club amplifier, built in Germany in the beginning of the 1960’s.  I bought it in terrible condition– lots of rust, mouse droppings and spider webs!  However, the cabinet and the transformers were in decent condition so it made a great base for a rehab project.
As Jorge was looking for something that could be used in a small club setting and the studio, we decided on using 6V6 output tubes for a good balance between clean sounds and some tube overdrive.  The amp includes controls for gain (a pot that switches the input tube between pentode and triode mode), reverb, and tremolo (the indicator light flashes in time with the speed of the oscillator).

One unique feature was something Jorge requested which actually makes a lot of sense, namely, a line-level input.  This comes in on a separate jack and eliminates the need for an external re-amp transformer as the line-level signal from a mixer or sound card can be plugged directly into the amp. As well, it makes overdriving the signal very easy, even at low volume, as there is a general volume control after this first input stage.  This would also be an easy mod on an existing two channel amplifier.