All-tube Stereo Studio Spring Reverb

Built for Øyvind Hågensen

This is a big project and a bigger case! Originally conceived as a noise figure meter, this lovely old piece of Swedish test equipment had sadly seen better days. It did however have an amazingly large meter that works as beautifully as it looks. (A small switch next to the inputs allows the user to decide which signal to monitor.)

Actually, this is the first Rerun stereo spring reverb and it was done first class all the way with transformer inputs and outputs, all tube signal path, including the clearest spring driver I’ve yet used. The gain and eq controls on the reverb return allow for a multitude of different sounds, while the dry side offers a way to mix and effect the original signals. There are also two small switches on the reverb return side which determine which spring to use: 4 is a 2 spring reverb which is clearer and more direct, while the 9 is a 3 spring reverb for lush sounds and longer decay.