Orgaphonic Stereo Tremoverb

Built for Robin Hughes
The Orgaphonic Stereo Tremoverb is actually an older project from which I finally got photos.  It’s a fully stereo (or dual mono!) unit with switches determining the signal pan left or right.  There are six separate inputs:  two instrument inputs with different types of preamp circuits and bass/treble eq, and a quartet of hi-fi inputs (each side can mix a pair of inputs) with eq which is useful for drum machines or effect mixing.
The effects include reverb and tremolo.  Each input has a separate reverb send control while the output can be inserted left or right.  The tremolo circuit– which is the only transistor element– is strapped onto either the left or right main output so all signals can be effected.  An led flashes in time to the oscillations.
Of course, the original design of this overload of knobs belongs to the Hohner Orgaphon.   As the original case was far too heavy and in bad condition after a flood, the amp was separated into two sections, a simple amp– the Blue Beetle, and this fine table top unit.