The Lil’ Green Stereo Machine

Built for Sarah Bolen 
This case was originally what is known as a “heizstrahler” here in Germany,  or simply a “heater” in English.   I saw a number of these recently in the flea market and figured it would make a nice look for something.  This little green box was certainly the finest I’ve yet seen however.  Beyond it’s nice styling and great color, the metal is actually quite thick and makes for a solid box that actually provides a lot of circulation.  
In this circumstance, Sarah needed a hifi setup for her new shop — Black Mirror Tattoo Parlor.  I sourced some nice old speakers and then built this simple, but surprisingly powerful single ended stereo amp.   It uses a pair of EL84s and an ECC81 for a mammoth 3,5 Watts!   This is one amp that proves that the specs aren’t always important.