Smaragd IV Special Edition

Built for Leander Reininghaus

The Smaragd IV appears similar to many of the other Smaragd amps from Rerun; however, it has a couple of features that make it unique.  First off, the power amplifier section uses two 6V6 tubes in push pull which means more output and a cleaner sound.  Secondly, this amp has a parallel effects send and return section with separate controls for each.  Because the insert is in parallel, mixing clean time based effects with the straight signal is easy and sounds great.
Internally, there is an 8 inch speaker which turns off when the external speaker output is used.  The circuit itself is very simple with an EF86 pentode preamp tube, and two 12AT7s for the effect insert and phase inverter.
The original styling and covers for the control and power plug were kept which makes for a nice touch when traveling with such a compact amplifier.