Simple HIFI Amplifier and Preamp

Built for Andris Feldmanis 
The Simple HIFI amplifier set is something that is sorely missing from a lot of people’s homes.  I’m often surprised when visiting friends who are musicians or music lovers in general by the sad state of affairs in their listening set up at home.  While people may have fancy monitors and giant amps in the studio, too often they have a lousy boombox or worse at home.
Many people think that HIFI means expensive and out of reach but modern and vintage technology doesn’t have to be expensive to be good.  Very good in fact.
This amp uses all modern components– a “chip” amplifier for 18 watts per channel and an opamp based preamplifier and phono section– and sounds really great paired with a decent set of loudspeakers. It’s amazing how loud and powerful 18 watts can be!